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In a maturing market where the rates of growth are on the decline, rival firms can often improve their competitive position in the marketplace by

A.            Pursuing backward and/or forward vertical integration to capture greater control over the industry value chain, and shifting to standardized product offerings

B.            Concentrating on adding new models and performance features, emphasizing product innovation, and spending heavily on advertising to achieve much stronger product differentiation, vis-à-vis rivals

C.            Shifting to focus or market-niche strategies, so as to concentrate exclusively on those buyers and models/styles where demand is continuing to grow at above-average rates

D.            Pruning marginal products and models, improving value chain efficiency, trimming costs, emphasizing cost reduction, acquiring rival firms at bargain prices, building new or more flexible competitive capabilities, and expanding internationally

E.            Competing aggressively on the basis of superior customer service and adding new models and styles to broaden the product offering

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