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The big difference between business process reengineering and continuous improvement programs like TQM or Six Sigma is that

A.            Reengineering is a tool for installing process organization whereas TQM/Six Sigma concern defect-free production methods and delivering world-class customer service

B.            Reengineering helps create core competencies whereas TQM/Six Sigma are tools for making a core competence stronger and more efficient

C.            Reengineering is a tool for achieving one-time quantum improvement whereas TQM and Six Sigma programs aim at incremental improvement (striving for inch-by-inch gains again and again in a never-ending stream)

D.            Business process reengineering requires benchmarking whereas TQM and Six Sigma do not

E.            Reengineering represents an effort to totally revamp a firm\'s value chain whereas TQM looks at incrementally improving the performance of two or three targeted value-chain activities and Six Sigma is primarily for reducing manufacturing defects

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