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Which one of the following statements about a company\'s culture is false?

A.            The more new employees a company is hiring the more important it becomes to screen job applicants every bit as much for how well their values, beliefs, and personalities match up with the culture as for their technical skills and experience

B.            The longer people stay at an organization, the more that they come to embrace and mirror the corporate culture – their values and beliefs tend to be molded by mentors, fellow workers, company training programs, and the reward structure

C.            A company\'s culture, once established, tends to remain stable and entrenched over time

D.            Typically, key elements of the culture originate with a founder or certain strong leaders who articulated them as a set of business principles, company policies, operating approaches, and ways of dealing with employees, customers, vendors, shareholders, and local communities where the company has operations

E.            Company cultures can be perpetuated by the telling and retelling of company legends, by regular ceremonies honoring members who display desired cultural behaviors, and by visibly rewarding those who display cultural norms and penalizing those who don\'t

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