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Which of the following statements is false as concerns the various approaches company managers can take in dealing with or managing ethical conduct?

A.            Companies that adopt a compliance mode usually do such things as making the company\'s code of ethics a visible and regular part of communications with employees, having ethics training programs, appointing a chief ethics officer or ethics ombudsperson, giving guidance to employees on ethics matters, instituting formal procedures for investigating alleged ethics violations, conducting ethics audits to measure and document compliance, and giving ethics awards to employees for outstanding efforts to create an ethical climate and improve ethical performance

B.            Companies using the damage control approach usually make some concession to window-dressing ethics, going so far as to adopt a code of ethics (so their executives can point to it as evidence of their ethical commitment should any ethical lapses on the company\'s part be exposed)

C.            One of the weaknesses of the compliance approach is that moral control resides in the company\'s code of ethics and in the ethics compliance system rather than in an individual\'s own moral responsibility for ethical behavior and in strong peer pressures for ethical behavior

D.            The main objective of the compliance approach is to protect against adverse publicity and any damaging consequences brought on by headlines in the media, outside investigation, threats of litigation, punitive government action, or angry or vocal shareholders

E.            Companies using the unconcerned or non-issue approach ascribe to the view that ethics has no place in the conduct of business and that companies should not be morally accountable for their actions

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