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1. Which statement most accurately differentiates substance dependence from substance abuse? a. substance dependence involves ongoing use of a drug despite the problems it causes in the person's functioning. b. with substance dependence, the individual uses the drug daily c. substance dependence involves a physical addition d. with substance dependence, having it in one's body is the norm. 2. the most effective juvenile delinquency prevention programs include a.boot camp b. social skills training c.vicational training d.family therapy 3. jamal just recently disclosed to his friends that he's gay. most likely he's a/an a.14 b.16 c.18 d.20 4. one of the main reasons girls have more difficulty than boys transitioning from elementary to high school is that they experience a.higher social needs b. earlier onset of puberty c.slower maturation d.an adolescent growth spurt 5. bankers and accountatns are most likely to fall under holland's______ personality a.conventional b.investigative c.artisitic d.enterprising 6. which statement most accurately reflects the reserach on adolescent employment. a. the number of hous worked affects adolescent well-bing b.the benefits of employment far outweigh the negative effects c.most adolescents report positive effects of employment d.adolescent employment helps pay for college 7. the part of the body responsible for producing sex hormones during puberty is/are the a.pituitary system b.gonads c.hypothalamus d.adrenal system 8.ann, a college treshman, has chosen engineering as her major because her father told her that a degree inengineering would lead to better-paying jobs upon graduation. she is most likely at which of marcia's identity stauses? a.foreclosure b.moratorium c.diffusion d.identity achievement 9. the group at greatest risk for death during adolescence is ____ adolescents a. younger female b. older female c. younger male d. older male 10. research over the last decade has shown that the percentage of high school students engaging in sexual intercourse a.is onthe rise b.has reained the same. c.is on the decline d.varies 11. the primary difference between anorexia nerosa and bulimia nervosa is that anorexics a.binge b.purge c.engage in excessive exercise d.show dramatic weight loss 12 studies on the development of sexual orientation highlight the importance of a.genetics b.environment c.prenatal hormones d.mulitple factors 13. which age group show the lowest self-esteem during childgood and adolescence? a.10-12 year-olds b.13-15 year-olds c.16-18 year-olds d.19-21 year-olds 14 mary felt euphoric, confident, and alert agter taking a drug at a friend's party a.nicotine b.cocaine c.lsd d.heroin 15.appoximately_________ percent of american adolescents have attempt suicide at least once a.5 b.10 c.15 d.20 16. joe, a high school junior, is considering a career in medicine but he's unsure if he wants to commit himself to several more years of schooling, with whom is he most likely to consult with on this issue? a.best friend b.girlfriend c.parents d.guidance counselor

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