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1. Regarding causes of infertility, it's the case that? a. Irregular of failed ovulation is the most common cause of female infertility b. infertility lies in fertility problems of the male partner in about 12% of cases, c. endonetriosis results from repeated filure to ovulate. d. sperm motility is directly correlated to sperm count 2. In comparison to concordance rates for autism in dizygotic twins, monozygtic twins are ----- likely to develop? a. significantly less b. somewhat less c. significantly more d. somewhat more 3.If there is concern about a neural tube defect in the fetus, which of the following tests is least usable? a. ultrasound b. blood test c. afp assay d. fetoscopy exam 4.sally can tie her shoes but only with her motehr's help. this fact suggests that tying shoes is a. actually beyond sally's capability b. within sally's znoe of proximal development. c. an innate process that needs only nurturing to unfold. d. too difficult for a sally's age and should be attempted later 5. Dr. smartz has been intensely engaged in a study of the twins annette and brad for the last two years, you would most accuratley say that Dr. Smartz is engaged in a /an a. gender experiment. b. correlational study c. cross-lagged method. d. case study. 6. marshall has been diagnosed with down syndrome. you realize that marshall's condition is related to a. alcogol abuse by the father. b. abnormalities of the 21st pair of chromosomes. c. sex-linked chromosomal abnormalities. d. genetic errors in the 24th pair of chromosomes.

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