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1) A sufficiently large coverage error will result in which of the following? A. Probability sampling B. Non-response bias C. Statistics about the actual population rather than the target population D. Inability to perform inferential statistics 2) A poll is planned to determine what proportion of all students favor an increase in fees to support a new track and field stadium. A questionnaire will be published and the first 1000 completed questionnaires will be analyzed. Which of the following errors will be associated with the sample? A. Errors due to interviewer bias and selection bias B. Sampling errors and errors due to selection bias C. Only non-sampling errors D. Sampling errors only 3) What is the difference between probability sampling and simple random sampling? A. Probability sampling is a type of simple random sample. B. There is no difference. C. Simple random sampling is a type of probability sampling. D. In probability sampling each item has an identical chance of being chosen. 4) Which of the following statements is not true? A. Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data. B. Scientific progress consists of continual refinement of theories through hypothesis testing. C. Estimating parameters is an important aspect of descriptive statistics. D. A statistical test may be significant yet have no practical importance. 5) Which of the following statements is false? A. A summary measure calculated from some of the items of interest is a statistic. B. A summary measure calculated from all items of interest is a parameter. C. The main goal of descriptive statistics is to estimate characteristics of populations. D. Statistical inference is the process of making a prediction based on only a small piece of information. 6) Which of the following is an example of statistical inference? A. Calculating the mean number of fruit trees damaged by Mediterranean fruit flies in California last year. B. Counting the number of patients who file malpractice suits after being discharged from hospitals in New York State. C. Calculating the mean age of patients discharged from hospitals in New York State in 1997. D. Calculating the amount of fly spray needed for your orchard next season. 7) A supermarket has determined that daily demand for eggs has a bell-shaped distribution, with a mean of 55 cartons and a standard deviation of six cartons. If the supermarket begins each morning with a stock of 61 cartons of eggs, approximately what percentage of days will there be a surplus of eggs? A. ‹Å“18% B. ‹Å“16% C. ‹Å“68% D. ‹Å“84% 8) Textbook Price Number of Textbooks $25 to $35 2 35 to 45 16 45 to 55 5 55 to 65 7 65 to 75 20 Estimate the mean price of a textbook. A. $55.40 B. $554.00 C. $60.00 D. $11.08 9) Textbook Price Number of Textbooks $25 to $35 2 35 to 45 16 45 to 55 5 55 to 65 7 65 to 75 20 Estimate the standard deviation of the price of a textbook. A. 729.00 B. 14.03 C. 196.78 D. 33.85 10) A multiple-choice test has 20 questions, and there are 4 choices for each question. A student comes to class with four different colored balls of identical shape and size in her pocket. She has decided to draw one ball from her pocket per question and allow the color of the ball to select the answer for each question. What type of probability distribution can be used to figure out her chance of getting 10 questions right? A. Binomial distribution B. Hypergeometric distribution C. Normal distribution D. Poisson distribution . 11) Ten bolts were selected randomly from a production line and the diameter of each was measured. Why do these diameters not have a binomial distribution? A. They do have a binomial distribution. B. They have equal probability of success. C. Diameter is a continuous random variable. D. The diameters of the bolts are not independent of one another. 12) The Information Commons in the main library has 150 personal computers. The probability that any one of them will require repair on a given day is 0.02. To find the probability that exactly 25 of the computers will require repair, one would use what type of probability distribution? A. Hypergeometric distribution B. Binomial distribution C. Normal distribution D. Poisson distribution 13) The Big Red Arcade and Pizza Palace caters to young teens and sells tokens to play arcade games for 25‚ each and slices of pizza for 50‚ each. The distribution of sales of pizza slices per customer and sales of arcade tokens per customer is below. # Slices of Pizza 0 1 2 3 4 5 Probability 0.05 0.10 0.20 0.30 0.15 0.20 # Arcade Games 0 1 2 3 4 5 Probability 0.01 0.04 0.15 0.20 0.25 0.35 What is the probability that revenues from pizza slice sales will be greater than $1.00 per customer? A. .43 B. .95 C. .85 D. .65 14) Kunlakarn has decided to invest in oil paintings as a hedge against inflation. She is particularly interested in paintings by Picasso or Constable. Below is a table of information about the value of paintings by these artists in differing states of the Fine Art Market. Values of one painting by Picasso or Constable in different states of the Fine Art Market. Probability of Fine Art Market State Picasso Constable Depressed 0.25 300K 500K Stable 0.45 400K 400K Expanding 0.30 500K 700K Kunlakarn wishes to purchase 2 paintings by one of the artists and 1 by the other. Assuming that the values of paintings by Picasso are independent of the values of paintings by Constable, if she wishes to minimize the risk of her investment, which collection of paintings should she buy? A. Insufficient information to tell B. One Picasso and Two Constables C. There is no difference in the risk between the two collections. D. Two Picassos and One Constable 15) Which of these parameters associated with a binomial experiment will produce a probability distribution with the smallest standard deviation; given n is the same for each situation? A. (1- p) = 0.1. B. p = 0.5 C. p = 0.3 D. p = 0.4 16) The use of the student‚s t distribution requires which of the following assumptions? A. The population variance is known B. The sample size is greater than 30 C. The population is normal D. The sample is drawn from a positively skewed distribution 17) For a sample size of 1, the sampling distribution of the mean will be normally distributed A. only if the shape of the population is positively skewed. B. regardless of the shape of the population. C. only if the population values are larger than 30. D. only if the population is normally distributed. 18) A random variable follows the student‚s t distribution. The probability that it will be positive is A. 0.05 B. 1 C. less than 0.50. D. 0 19) Construct a 95% confidence interval estimate for the difference between the means of two normally distributed populations, where the unknown population variances are assumed not to be equal. Summary statistics computed from two independent samples are as follows: The upper confidence limit is: A. 28.212. B. 19.123. C. 24.911. D. 5.788. Data Not Available: Upper Limit : with df 20) Ceteris paribus, which is narrower, a 95% confidence interval with n=100 or a 99% confidence interval with n=30? A. The 99% confidence interval B. The 95% confidence interval C. They are the same width. D. Need the margin of error to tell 21) A study of 200 insomniacs paid for by the Serta Mattress Company found that the average insomniac counted 350 sheep before falling asleep, with a standard deviation of 120. An insomniac is a person who has difficulty falling asleep. Some useful numbers might be: =NORMSINV(0.89) 1.2265 =NORMSINV(0.945) 1.5982 =TINV(0.89,199) 0.1385 =TINV(0.11,199) 1.6053 =TINV(0.055,199) 1.9302 Calculate an 89% confidence interval for the true mean number of sheep counted by insomniacs. A. 350‚±13.56 B. 350‚±10.41 C. 350‚±13.62 D. 350‚±16.38 22) To tell if the standard deviation of a process has changed, the control charts used are A. S and x bar charts. B. x bar and p charts. C. R and S charts. D. p and R charts.

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