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1. A large truck tire is inflated to a gauge pressure of 84psi. The total area of one side wall of the tire is 1,600 in2. What is the outward force on the sidewall due to the air pressure?

2. A small statue is recovered in an archaeological dig. Its weight is measure to be 211.2 lb and its volume 0.176 ft3. (a) What is the statue’s weight density? (b) What substance is it?

3. A large tanker truck can carry 30 ton (30,000 lb) of liquid. (a) What volume of water can it carry? (b) What volume of gasoline can it carry?

4. A manufacturer orders 16,000 kg of copper ingots. What volume does the copper occupy?

5. A certain part of an aircraft engine has a volume of 1.6 ft3. (a) Find the weight of the piece when it is made of iron. (b) If the same piece is made of aluminum, find the weight and determine how much weight is saved by using aluminum instead iron.

6. It is determined by immersing a crown in water that is volume is 39 in3 =0.00225 ft3. (a) What would its weight be if it were made of pure gold? (b) What would its weight be if half of its volume was gold and half lead?

7. A storage tank 25 m high is filled with gasoline. (a) Find the gauge pressure at the bottom of the tank. (b) Calculate the force that acts on a square access hatch at the bottom of the tank that measures 0.25m by 0.25m.

8. A piece of concrete measures 3 ft by 3ft by 1.25ft. (a) What is its weight? (b) Find the buoyant force that acts on it when it is submerged in water. (c) What is the net force on the concrete piece when it is under water?

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