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1) What is the humanistic-existential and behavioral, cognitive-behavioral perspectives.

  1. What is the humanistic-existential and behavioral, cognitive-behavioral perspectives. What are the respective strengths and limitations of each of these approaches?

  2. Be able to identify the main theorists and the therapies they developed such as Carl Rogers, Viktor Frankl, Aaron Beck, and Albert Ellis. 

  3. Define self actualization, empathy, unconditional positive regard, paradoxical intention, phenomenal self and congruence.

  4. What is client-centered therapy, gestalt, logotherapy, rational emotive therapy, cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, exposure therapy, and stress inoculation training?

5) What is group therapy, psychoanalytic group therapy and Yalums curative factors?

6) What is family therapy, couples therapy, general systems theory and the double-bind?

7) What is community psychology and different levels of prevention strategies (i.e., primary etc)?

8) What is health psychology and behavior medicine and major concepts such as stress, sympathetic nervous system, biopsychosocial model, psychophysiological reactivity model, Type-A personality, and biofeedback?

9) Identify the following cognitive-behavioral concepts and interventions: self-efficacy, aversion therapy, assertiveness training, shaping, behavioral rehearsal, extinction, relaxation, rational restructuring, systematic desensitization, reciprocal determinism, token economy, time-out, Premack principle, and modeling.

10) What is neuropsychology and localization of function?

11) What is psychodrama?

12) Be able to describe what is the relationship between stress and health.

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