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1. The diameter of a 3.5 inch diskette is normally distributed. Periodically, quality control inspectors at dallas diskettes randomly select a sample of 16 diskettes. If the mean diameter of the diskettes is too large or too small the diskette punch is shut down for adjustment; otherwise, the puching process continues. The last sample showed a mean and standard deviation of 3.49 and 0.08 inches respectively. Using a=0.05, the critical ‚Å“t‚ values are a) ‚€œ2.120 and 2.120 b) ‚€œ2.131-and 2.131 c) -1.753 and 1.753 d) ‚€œ1.746 and 1.746 e) -2.567 and 2.567 2. In a two-tailed hypothesis about a population mean with a sample size of 100 and alpha = 0.10, the rejection region would be a. z>1.64 b. z>1.28 c. z<-1.28 and z>1.28 d. z < -1.64 and z>1.64 e. z < -2.33 and z > 2.33 3. Ophelia Obrien, VP of American First Bank (AFB) monitors the default rate on personal loans at the AFB member Banks. One of her standars is ‚Å“no more than 5% of personal loans should be in default. On each Friday the default rate is calculated for a sample of 500 personal loans. Last Friday sample contained 30 defaulted loans A) p>0.05 B) p=0.05 C) n=30 D) n=500 E) n=0.05

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