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1. An analytic section that you will submit as an Excel spread sheet 2. A PowerPoint presentation of 3 to 5 slides. 3. A narrative section that you will submit as a two to three page Word document First, read the business case and identify the business decisions that need to be made. Then, using the case datasheet, perform a statistical analysis of the data and obtain the required statistics. Submit your analysis as an Excel spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet will contain numerical data. You will then submit a PowerPoint file to showcase graphical information. Finally, in a narrative of about two to three pages, describe the business situation and the decisions that the business must make. Explain, based on your findings, a recommended course of action for the business. Refer to the statistics you calculated and the graphs you created in the spreadsheet. Submit your narrative as a Word document The ThermoStar Case ThermoStar has been producing residential thermostats for over 50 years. Looking over the past 20 quarters (5 years) of the different product lines, the general manager has been trying to get a handle on sales, costs, and production, and has asked for your help: The following are the business decisions are to be made :- 1) Which product line should be continue or stop. 2) How can we cut the costs 3) How can we increase the sales 4) How can we estimate the sales in order to avoid the idle or scarcity problems 5) How can we improve technique of production to give the training to the employess?

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