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Religious studies Homework Help

The formal and conservative field of theology has been followed and developed through the view points of the religion which it represents. This transcendental analysis is often not supported by the conventional science and is based on the belief system that the theologian follows. This implies, theology does not allow for a comparative study of religions is often prejudiced and unreliable through the field of theology. Therefore, a rational or an outsider’s view point is needed for an overall analysis of religion and its tangible impacts on humanity.

The domain comprehensive of fields such as religious history, anthropology, psychology, sociology and economics was developed as a discipline named religious studies to provide a much more rational standpoint to the analysis of religions. Two important trends of the early nineteenth century can be considered as the starting point of this field. The first one being the historical analysis and establishment of the Bible, the second, the translation of Hindu and Buddhist literature into European languages. This led to the conflict of theology [being Christian by establishment in Europe] rejecting the other texts.

Apart from endangering the existence of parallel religions, the autonomy that was being claimed by the growing Christendom, many renaissance scholars felt that the idea of an academic or scholarly approach to religion or theology would be extinct if this trend is carried forward. So the frame of reference to understanding religion was shifted towards a paradigm that is not based on faith or belief but scholarly evidence was initiated in the form of this discipline.

So the field of religious studies came into existence for both the scientific analysis of the Bible and the comparative analysis of other religious outside the influence of the Christian theology. The choice of this field as an academic discipline is being favored due to various investments and funds provided by both religious foundations and social bodies all over the world. The scholars of this field are now offering online services like religious studies homework help and online tutoring with the aid of current technology and can be used for upgrading or making learning the learning process easier than ever before.

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