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The idea of applying philosophical thought to any subjective entity was made famous during the renaissance period making it the golden age of rational thinking. Many schools of philosophy such as logic, epistemology, aesthetics, ethics, etc; were applied to different fields of knowledge. The famous applications on art, religion, politics and sociology resulted in the major works of the period. The verifiable quality that philosophy rendered to all of the subjects it touched made it an inevitable tool to publish research or explain the workings of various fields. These fields were knowledge based and were considered to be products of high human intelligence.

Hence these fields were called humanities leaving a distinction for arts. The domain of philosophy was the epicenter of these ken based subjects taking human understanding to its pinnacle. Though the varied and popular application of philosophy can be attributed to the stated time period, it cannot be dined that such applications were in existence for many fields such as politics, law and religion from the ancient Greek period. Antiquity has it that any theorem or law applicable to the public shall be argued upon by philosophers and rendered valid from the perspectives of ethics and logic to be administered.

Further backwards in the timeline, philosophy is attributed to the concepts of Babylonian Wisdom found in the works of Ptahhotep especially the work called maxims of vizier Ptah-Hotep. From the prologue of this work, it is clear that philosophy [though it would not gain the name until the Greek times] was used as a tool to verify social actions based on ethics and argumentative logic during this period. The religious perspective and standpoint on beliefs like axioms during the time of Babylonian philosophers has parallels in the later Greek Agnostic ideals of the Sophists, Heraclitus and even Plato.

Another notable regional distinction of philosophers hail from China, thus making Ancient Chinese Philosophy the third most ancient philosophy according to chronology. Many East Asian countries followed the schools of thought like Taoism, legalism, Confucianism, Agriculturalism, Chinese Naturalism etc.

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