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Management Homework Help

The art and science of integrating resources, knowledge and strategy to achieve a goal for any commercial enterprise is together termed as management. The term may apply to different specific activities including planning, assimilation, execution, monitoring and control of the entities involved in the operation. The discipline covers various basic aspects and theories put into place by the time tested methods of running an organization or a business enterprise and is seen as the foundation of any business.

Business owners or consultant strategists may tend to use these theorems of the field to fit in different scenarios or problems seeking resolution. The field encompasses many sub domains and have later culminated in formation of standalone academic disciplines for the ability to learn into specific aspects and skills needed for each department of activity like human resource, knowledge, marketing, advertising and PR etc; in order to run the different but essential domains of a practical business.

It enhances the knowledge and sensitivities to more effectively identify, understand and manage the cultural components of organizational and business dynamics. The various areas of study include cultural value awareness, cross-cultural communication skills, cross-cultural management skills (strategic planning, organizational design, and leadership) and creating and managing a globally competent work force. At a smaller level, this would apply to individual changes, proper handling of a small business firm or financial and daily life as well in a professional manner.

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