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HR Management Homework Help

The business values have taken a huge turn about during the 20th century due to the advent of the human resource movement. This movement influenced the business to be seen as a resource based activity than a profit based activity as it had been thus far. This change in perspective led to a need for a systemized resource management system and thus the field of Human Resource Management came into existence.

The responsibilities of this domain includes proven modules for attracting, selecting, training, nurturing and rewarding the human capital or the individual employees who frame the workforce of an organization. With the concern on humane handling of the employees as opposed to the slave trade and bonded labor system that was despised by all the modern societies, labor laws are brought into play.

The package learning modules will be pre designed ones to fit any student need in a generic manner while specific ones are made based of parameters of the individual student. Learning difficulties, specific sub domains that the student finds harder to learn and specific potentials are taken into account in order to provide a competent learning tool for this field.

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