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Earth is the only life bearing planet and hence is considered to be unique in the field of planetary sciences. The typical analysis of this field is centered on the question “how earth works?”. This question is applied to the different units of earth that frames this homogeneous planet using different approaches. The term includes a holistic approach and a reductionist approach as well to different entities on the planet earth such as the oceans, atmosphere, hydrosphere and the land mass.

The fields of study under this discipline use a vast variety of basic academic disciplines such as math, physics, chronology, chemistry and biology. However, the main stream subjects are used at a rudimentary level and the findings of this specific domain are used to determine various reasons, predictions and effects of different phenomenon happening around this planet. The phenomena analyzed are of two different types namely active and passive. The active scenarios include openly visible and aggressive happenings like earth quakes and volcanoes while the passive scenarios are subtle like global warming.

The potential danger and possible times of these occurrences are very important issues handled by earth science though that is not all the homework they do. The research to find out our planets past though geology, fossil studies and cartography frame a major part of the field study as well. The initiation of this field as an academic discipline happened at two levels. Initially the contributing fields such as geography, ecology, geology etc; were studied as standalone disciplines log before this field came into existence. The umbrella term was applied later since the research in each of the individual fields was found to be complementary to each other.

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