About ScholarAnswer

“Learning is a process not a purchase”


The possible contribution to the industry, expectations of our customers, satisfaction through fulfillment of student needs and the intellectual pleasure in dealing with academic challenges have been the driving forces behind our performance and achievements in the academic industry. Over five years of performance in the academic industry had crafted many services and products for the benefit of aspiring graduates and the interaction with the everyday needs of college students has taken us a long way from where we started.

Assignment/homework help:

With more than 300 subject experts in all the 114 academic disciplines, we have catered to over 200,000 assignments and homework assignments from more than 100,000 students from all over the world. The solutions and related services have been kept at their maximum quality to insure repeated customers and completed educational careers.

Writing services:

Every part of the student life demands writing skills and submissions based thereof irrespective of the field to which they belong. This is a great challenge faced by bilingual students, students with lack of time or the most common issue, a writing block when we need it the most. This issue has been effectively resolved with the exquisite and exclusive penmanship of our veteran writing experts through our writing services offered.

Essay writing:

What had been a breeze like task in your school days looms to become a nightmare in college. The intricacies and categories of college level essays are bound to baffle any average student used only to the simple five paragraph essays during school. The understanding and execution of these intricacies might occupy the better part of the first year with the end result of losing on grades and hence a bad start. In order to streamline your knowledge and efficiency in essay writing, our essay writing experts offer passive learning opportunities for every kind of essay imaginable.

Dissertation & thesis writing:

It is estimated that over 40% of graduates drop out without a degree because of their inability to complete a dissertation or thesis. Worse even, the case of doctoral studies has a severe dropout rate with the minimum being 55%. The analysis of the reason behind this pathetic scenario led to only one conclusion, there is no peer support for these academic activities as much as the student would expect and need. So we ended up creating customized assistance on dissertation and thesis writing with tangible results right from the first project taken up.

Report writing:

Business reports and technical writing have been the two biggest trouble spots for students concentrating on other aspects of their projects and end up hurrying through the report. The issue here is that the first information that the review board of the professor tends to look into is the report and the last minute completion is sure to have errors. Thus the first impression of the project is lost and this tends to affect the grades to the end. This is a scenario that most of us have personally felt and decided to rectify this with our instant and perfect report writing services.

Project assistance:

College life is full of small and big projects on both individual and team based efforts. The effective learning through projects is reported to have helped and stayed longer than any lecture or a book. Therefore the project assistance service from ScholarAnswer has been designed to involve the student effort as much as possible and make the learning an everlasting one. However, our experts are available for end to end project services as well if a life situation demands the student’s attention elsewhere.

Customer Support:

In order to integrate and provide the above services with full efficiency for the benefit of students, a 24/7 customer support has been dedicated to guide students any time of the day and any day of the week. The instant assistance and prompt response from our Academic Advisors is being appreciated by every user of the website for the professional yet personalized assistance provided.